How To Keep Your Office Clean During Covid


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With the COVID-19 virus around, it’s now more important than ever to keep your offices clean and properly maintained in order to avoid cross-contamination. Complete office sanitization is usually the best way to do that. Though, COVID-19 isn’t the only virus you should be worried about. There are millions of germs, bacteria and infections that can be found in a commercial space. Basic cleaning is no longer adequate to take care of the virus and you need to go one step ahead and perform complete sanitization to ensure all-round safety.

Whether you are looking to do it yourself or planning to hire a professional office cleaning services in Sydney, it helps to have a basic idea of complete office sanitization works. Here is the step-by-step guide for the office cleaning and disinfection process followed by Ozneed Cleaning cleaners to achieve the best results for our clients using our office cleaning services in Sydney.

     1.  Analysis and Planning

Rather than having a one size fits all approach, our North Shore commercial cleaning services create a customised cleaning plan based on our analysis of the property and cleaning needs.

We prefer to conduct an on-site inspection of your property to understand the cleaning needs, scope, and condition. Through this, we aim to determine: the cleaning & disinfection needs, including what needs to be cleaned thoroughly and what can be done with basic cleaning; the process and plan, considering the area, surface type and shape, amount and type of dirt, and how frequently surfaces and objects are touched; the best resources for the task – our cleaners bring their own resources, cleaning equipment & solutions that are eco-friendly and the best in the market using the complete safety gear like masks, gloves and PPE kits while cleaning.

     2.  Office Cleaning

For an office that is cleaned regularly or is not heavily occupied, basic cleaning should be sufficient. This involves the cleaning of all surfaces, including dusting, sweeping or vacuuming, carpets and other visible dirty areas, followed by cleaning with soap and water solution.

Though for offices that have not been cleaned recently and are heavily staffed, we recommend in-depth cleaning, which is basic cleaning followed by deep cleaning.

      3.  Disinfection and Sanitization

Cleaning is followed by disinfection. It is the process of eliminating pathogens such as viruses, germs and bacteria from an area using specialized cleaning solutions.

The cleaner will use the spray machine to disinfect all frequent touch areas, surfaces and objects in your offices, including doors, handles, lifts, buttons, handrails, stairs, hand rest, tabletops, countertops, kitchen tops, toilet seats, washbasins, garbage bins, phone receivers, windowsills, keyboards, mouse, monitors, mobile phones, and many more. Our North Shore commercial cleaning services ensure that anything and everything that has been in contact or usually stays in contact will be disinfected properly so that the remaining germ or bacteria is killed.

You can book office cleaning services in Sydney to help you with Covid-19 disinfection and sanitization. These experts are trained to clean your office of any bacteria or germ that may be harmful for you and your employees. If you’re looking for North Shore commercial cleaning services, call us today.

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